LA 'Future' Photo Series

Posted on August 22 2016

LA 'Future' Photo Series


The Future photo series is my most important work to date and the work I'm most proud of.  The series will be a collection of redefining portraits, aimed at celebrating and challenging the image and representation of us modern mamas, in a society that still holds and portrays an outdated idea of the role and expectations of female caregivers.
Celebrating all forms of motherhood, demonstrating acceptance, standing for sisterhood and raising the next generation with love and respect in trying times is what the series is all about.

The first shoot in the series took place on Venice Beach, LA.
The incredible women featured in this series came from rich and wildly varying backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is that they were all mothers who believe in the purpose of the series as much as I do. 

As with the name of the series, the manifesto and themes within this and all projects extending beyond will be to showcase to the next generation of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, a new appeal of acceptance, inspiration, community and ultimately the celebration of diversity.
Andrea - @ondiepants
Dori - @dorideer (founder of @tribedemama )
Itzel - @deviousbeautyy
Kat - @littlebirddoula (Founder of @motherhoodrising )
Amy - @aimlee (Photos @aimleephotography )
Krista - @babybeestella (Owner of @stellaanddwilbur )
Yhanni - @jamilasupreme (Owner @mamamakerscollective )
April - @raising_blossoms (
Photographs by Sing J Lee (@singjlee)



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