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Big Love from the Grim North

Posted on March 05 2018

Big Love from the Grim North
When planning this collection I didn't account for the supplier delays that forced me to cancel our first shoot. Nor did I account for a freak snow storm that brought parcel force to it's already buckling knees and made sure we didn't get any of the new product in time and almost lead us to cancelling our second shoot.
After a good old fashioned panic-cry followed by the furious scoffing of a packet of choc digestives dunked in endless cups of tea while I tried to pull a solution out of my defeated bum I, with the help of Alex and her infectious PMA, decided the show must go on.
So, what you'll see here is me and B trying not to be awkward turtles for a second attempt/last minute breakfast shoot in the streets I used to make terrible decisions in as a teen (and after), featuring just 1 of 3 new products and the occasional almighty tantrum from Captain Meltdown, with two of the sweetest and supportive mamas I've met in the IG sphere.
Snaps by Alex Wilkinson (@stateofloveandtrustalex)

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